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What's more American than collecting baseball cards? Riding your bike home from the store, eager to crack open a new pack of cards. Spending an afternoon reading your favorite player's stats while chewing a really bad piece of bubble gum. 


What happened to all the cards that didn't end up in the spokes of your bike?  Chances are, if they're not buried in your garage, stuck in your attic, or hidden in the back of some closet somewhere, they were lost or thrown away years ago. Have you ever wondered what the value of your childhood collection would be? For many people, the sentimental value alone would be priceless. 


Now, you can not only regain a piece of your childhood, but also show your support, pride and passion with a custom made piece of art. A unique picture that will not only expand your sports memorabilia collection, but become an investment in an amazing work of art that will hang on your walls for years and years to come.  


Why keep your old baseball cards in a box that you might pull out occasionally, when they can hang on the wall as a piece of collectible art in your office, business, home, or man cave?  Certain to become a focal point of attention and catalyst for hours and hours of conversations, each picture is created entirely from original, authentic baseball cards. The same cards that inspired dreams of becoming a big league baseball player can now take you back to a time when life was much simpler and something like baseball cards and bubble gum could make you happy...



I apologize for the quality of some of these images. Technology 15-20 years ago was no was no where near what we have today, or could have imagined we would need


Always a popular sports memorabilia item, a framed JERSEY looks great in any room, and these custom made collages, made entirely with original major league baseball cards take that to the next level.  Replicating any team or any player, these full size replicas can be made with any name or number.  Custom logos and designs available.

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Nothing says team pride and support like a big LOGO hanging on your wall, and nothing compares to a LOGO made of original baseball cards from your favorite team(s) and players. From standard team logos, to business logos to custom designs,  the possibilities are limited only by your imagination (and budget)


What started as a picture I created to honor Mark McGwire's amazing record breaking 70 home run season, soon became something that professional athletes and serious baseball fans/art collectors wanted to add to their collections. Combining graphic and illustrative styles, these custom made pieces are incredibly unique and really need to be seen in person to appreciate the amount of detail in each piece


I'm very excited to introduce the GALLERY SERIES.  These are custom made pictures that even non baseball fans can appreciate (like there are any non baseball fans?). Larger, with an emphasis on the fine art aspect, these can (and often DO) hang in the finest of fine art galleries, and can just as easily fit into your home or business. Each picture, like all my baseball card art, is made entirely from original baseball cards.  They come as finished pieces, in custom made frames, ready to impress.

It's all in the...